78 thoughts on “Wish Promo Code { Hack } For New & Existing Customers July 2018”

  1. Desperate disabled 9 yr 6 tour’s veteran. Seeking code for shipping please i really need the code an im not a new customer. Thank s God Bless

    1. Can u tell me where I could find coupons for wish I’ve been trying to locate codes for free shipping for almost 3 hours lol thank u for your time

  2. Hey guys. I have a new baby nephew and a new baby cousin that I very much need to get gifts for! I’m also super broke! If you’re a first time shopper you can use my referral code to get up to 50 % off your first order! When you use my code I get a coupon for up to 50% off too!

    Any help is super appreciated!! Here’s my code:


    Thanks in advance to anyone who uses it! Good luck!

  3. Mother’s Day is coming and I can always use help buying stuff and things! Use my coupon code and get anywhere from 10%-50% off your first order! When you use my coupon code (it’s at the end of this here paragraph), I’ll get a coupon code too! It’s also my nieces birthday soon and it’ll be a huge help with the gifts if you use my code.

    Here’s the code:


    Thanks guys.

  4. New users, you can get 50% off your first purchase! Just apply the code below before you check out and the discount will be applied to the final price of your order; which also includes shipping. As there is no such thing as a free shipping code for Wish, promo codes are your best bet to get a discount that will completely cover shipping and then some!

    Waste no time looking for free shipping codes. Use a referral code! Like this one:


    As long as it’s your first wish purchase, this code is guaranteed to work and WILL get you a discount.

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